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About Us

We developed this information system within the framework of research in collaboration with the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia and Australia Indonesia Center (AIC).

The Australia Indonesia Centre (AIC) is a bilateral initiative designed to strengthen ties between Indonesia and Australia. To work toward this objective and deliver solutions to shared national challenges, the AIC is investing in highly collaborative research.

AIC’s Food and Agriculture Research Cluster has identified a thematic focus that addresses shared challenges and shared solutions of Australia and Indonesia – Food Processing Opportunities and Value Chain Development in Indonesia. The agriculture and food sectors of both countries are struggling to adjust to the contemporary challenges raised by global agri-food restructuring, and the fracturing of production and distribution systems into dispersed international value chains. It is, therefore, in the strategic interest of both Australia and Indonesia to better tap into changing international consumer preferences, advances in technology and the opportunities offered by the globalisation of food systems.