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National Market and Price Trend

We provide information on the national market and price trends to see the trend of market and price for some commodities such as soybeans, beef, milk, and sugar to facilitate decisions making and business planning.

Soybean Price

Soybean prices at the farm level is affected by the imports. Soybean prices at the farm level will rise if the price of imported soybean rise, and will go down if the amount of soybean imports increased. Various factors affect the price of soybeans, among others: international soy prices, rupiah exchange rate against the dollar, Supply, Demand. The price of soybeans has a tendency to rise from Rp. 7,000 to Rp 8,000 per kilogram. This is because most of the commercially available soy is soy imports, the weakening of the rupiah against the dollar, and the limited number of local soybean as a result of the decreasing farmers who grow soybeans.

Beef Price

Currently, demand for beef continues to rise, while local production is still fluctuating and can not meet local needs so that beef prices are likely to rise. This is due to the reduced supply of beef on the market and the large demand for beef. The magnitude of the price is influenced by supply, demand, and stocks of beef in various areas. Currently the price of beef is approximately Rp. 110,000/Kg.

Milk Price

Milk is a nutrient-rich foods and are needed all walks of life. Milk contains a complete five major nutrients, namely carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and minerals. In 2001, milk consumption in Indonesia is still very low at 5 liter / capita / year due to the awareness of the benefits of milk are lacking. In 2007, milk consumption in Indonesia of 8 liters / capita / year. Then in 2013, the consumption of milk is estimated at 11:09 liters per capita per year. Based on the above information, milk consumption continues to increase year by year, so the predicted future consumption will continue to rise. So far the domestic milk production can only meet 25% of the fresh raw milk Dairy Processing Industry (IPS), whereas 75% longer IPS must import from different countries. Fresh Cow Milk price / liter is around Rp.5,400.

Sugar Price

The average price of sugar in some cities tend to be stable with the rise in prices is not too significant in the amount of 0.72% compared with the previous period. If compared with the previous year, the price level higher by 9.32%. Currently, the average price of sugar reached Rp12,949, - / kg.