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Overseas Market Trend

Soybean Market Trend

Soybean prices continued the downward movement with the fall on January 22, 2016. Prices continued to remain above the 20-day and 50-day moving averages of $8.70 and $8.73 per bushel on January 22. Prices are expected to continue on the downward channel. They crushed the market expectations on January 22, 2016, and kept soybean prices down. The US dollar rose by 0.44% on January 22. It had a negative impact on the exports. The higher US dollar isn’t favorable for the export market. Due to an unexpected decision from Argentina’s farmers about the devaluation of the peso, the inventory build didn’t provide a hedge against the possible currency fluctuation. More hoarding in the soybean supply decision supported US soybean exports.

Beef Market Trend

Beef and veal exports are expected to fall as a result of lower production, not due to waning demand. The prediction of the A$ to average between 66-69US¢ is a significant positive, but needs to be balanced against the heightened competition from Brazil in many markets, the expectation of high US poultry and pork production, higher year-on-year US beef production and significantly weaker US beef markets compared to 12 months ago.

Milk Market Trend

Milk faces many challenges in the competitive arena. The reasons that milk is consumed do not syncfully withthe reasons consumers choose beverages overall. Milk‟s competitors have catered to specific needs consumers have, and over time, they have donethis better than milk. Understanding milk‟s position relative tothe competition is based in large part on defining and sizing the consumer needs that drive beverage consumption. This helps to address milk‟s potential to grow in its current form.

Sugar Market Trend

Sugar futures surged yesterday in their biggest one-day move since July last year, in stark contrast to most other commodities, as El Nino-linked drought conditions for key producers brought market fundamentals into sharp focus. After five years of global oversupply, a status hobbling the price of oil and some other key commodities, sugar’s supply/demand balance has been moving further into deficit, prompting influential forecasters to adjust their figures. The ISO downgraded its output projection for Thailand by 650,000 tonnes and India by 500,000 tonnes. Global sugar consumption is expected to grow by 1.75%, below the 10-year average of 2%, to 171.9 million tonnes in 2015/16.